by markus

0n the thin side

As you notice by the bold letters, A managed to change the ribbon on my typewriter. I had to improvise a bit but it worked, morc or lcs.-. Sadly, developing didn’ t work so well this week. for reasons unknown, my trusted XTOL decided to die on me, with XXX no signs of warning. I have no idea what went wrong, it was just a few weeks old, temperature was ok, it should have worked fine, like it did before. All I can think of is that something went wrong during mixing. A.t least a few of the frames were printable, and for that z now started using the new enlarger, worked well, I just want to replace the lens, maybe I can find an EL nikkor on ebay. its not that its a bad lens now, it’s just a bit akward to use. I might look for a 8omm one, it would make the printing of smaller prints for the blog much easier.

This is one of the few printable ones from the last roll, not the one i hoped for, but still better than some of the other snaps on the roll. The XTOL went down the drain already (not for real, l have a chemical waste tank for that), I might give Ilford ID-11 a try, since I have a fresh box from a friend here. Who knows, maybe I start to like it. If anyone knows a other good substitute for XTOL, tell me. I love the stuff but the powder is to much work for a single film.

greetings from the darkroom